Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wham! The news hit us. That this couple -- who hugged, kissed, and embraced each other so lovingly in front of us, in front of the world -- that they are separating is a blow, a punch in the stomach ...

Not them? Yes them! But they love each other! Were they faking those kisses? Is it like John Edwards and Elizabeth - there's another woman? Another man for her?

But they've been together forever! She has her work, he has his work -- why separate? After how many years?

40 years! They belong together. They fit together. They're so right, together. They look right, they act right --they've always seemed like a loving couple.

We saw, we watched Hillary and Bill. If ever a couple had reason to separate, it was them .... Even now, we watch Bill Clinton, for Hillary's sake, thinking if he strayed again -- knowing he's got a pattern, a need, he's probably playing around-- and yet, respecting them both, we're admiring the way they're handling being apart and nevertheless together. We realize they're a great couple. Infidelity doesn't have to destroy a couple.

The fact is, if the Clintons separated we wouldn't be shocked. We're shocked about the Gores.

Is it one of the typical problems -- money? A religious difference? (That doesn't make sense after they've been together 40 years.) What about their children. Their daughter has announced that she's separated from her husband. Is Tipper encouraging the daughter and Al doesn't agree.? But surely that couldn't be the reason, could it?

It could.

It could be sex. They've been apart, off and on, for a long time. They, like all of us, have been made overly aware of sex statistics, how sex affects your health -- you need relaxation, orgasms, fun -- it could be a lovemaking thing!

That's not something to announce.

What's next? Rumors, paparazzi pictures? Enquirer photos, candid camera shots of something someone noticed somewhere ... Al conversing with a some environmental lady ... Tipper and a fellow photographer taking nature photos together?

I'm turning off my imagination. I've been married to my husband for a very long time. There are ups and downs; things happen, world events, friends, agents, managers, accountants, lawyers, minor incidents, major ones -- thousands of thoughts like thousands of birds migrate, appear, disappear, are shared, not shared, hidden, avoided, blurted out -- things that affect me, don't necessarily affect him, and sometimes affect him profoundly without my knowing it.

That's part of marriage. We are not one person, we are two separate entities. Yet, if we separated we'd still be together.

Maybe we're wiser than the Gores.

The Gores are truthful people in the limelight who are handling some things that are absolutely, totally, private, and none of our business.

My thought is -- let's keep it none of our business.
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