Sunday, July 25, 2010

BAD STUFF (video)

Emily wants to discuss the unacceptable untruths, the brain-washing commercials, the stuff that's being promoted on television. John has his own list of grievances --the sudden boost of volume --the length of the ads, and their frequency.

And the promises -- you'll live longer -- you'll feel better -- you'll have a better sex life -- you won't be depressed -- always followed by the litany list of symptoms, and the suggestion that if the pills make you sick, immediately call your doctor.


fran leonardis said...

Oh dont I know this!!! My husband and I alway comment of these commericals. The side effects on most of these drugs are downright SCAREY!!!
I also couldnt agree more about the sound difference in commercials!

Kevin Daly said...

The sound levels between commercials and shows is horrible. I thought there was supposed to be some legal action against that sort of thing?

I actually find TV commercials rarely influence my consumerism. All the stuff that's pushed for sale, I tend to avoid. I love my technological stuff, but I'll do my own research and make my own calls!

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