Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"Button, Button, Who's Got the Button." It's a child game.

Some adult puts a button in the hands of a kid, and he/she is IT.

Everyone's in a circle with their hands pressed together. IT goes around the circle, pressing each kid's hands and surreptitiously passes the button.

Oh boy! Big fun! Nobody knows who's got the button!

Each kid takes a turn, chanting "Button, button --who's got the button?" till the kid with the button is discovered, and becomes IT.


Who's in the circle? Romney, Jindal, Gingrich, Sarah, and others you'll recognize -- Jeb Bush, Lou Dobbs, Huckabee, Ron Paul etc.

Media folks are asking --"Is Sarah Palin going to run for president?"

C'mon, guys, obviously she is! She's got a huge pile, shiny, ready buttons, all sizes, all colors, oval, square and round. And this ...

Oh my God, this speech -- it's so good, the pauses, the music, the cheering, adoring, motherly women, Palin's tone, timing, bearing -- she's brilliant -- her seemingly oh-so-truthful way of warning them about the "terrible fundamental transformation of America that's going on that we're going to turn around "-- the way Sarah revs them up -- oh yes, ma'am, yes -- you wonderful pink elephants, go-go and stampede!


Sarah P for president? It's a nightmare! Please God, don't let us get trampled by the pink elephants!

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Anonymous said...

makes you wonder who got scale????

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