Monday, July 26, 2010


Lisa Murkowski, the Republican Senator from Alaska, might vote YES on the Environment & Energy bill, if Obama permits drilling for oil in Alaska's deep water.

DEEP-WATER DRILLING? NO way! How can he permit it?

This is awful!
Is this going to be like Healthcare, like getting benefits extended for the unemployed -- filibustering, debates, attacks on parliamentary procedure that stop Congress from functioning?

Obama needs to get the bill passed -- it sets up stronger restrictions on emissions, and gets money for researching new sources of energy and jobs. Obama told the country jobs, jobs, JOBS -- that's his priority.

Murkowski is adamantly opposed to anything that restricts emissions more than they already are restricted. Loud, and clear, she's said it! She's tooth and nails determined to get deep-water drilling going again in Alaska.

What can Obama do? He imposed a ban on deep-water drilling in May, a moratorium that expires November 30th. For the time being, oil companies cannot get permits to drill in deep water below 500 feet.

I can't forget what the Healthcare bill was supposed to be, and how it had to be compromised in order to get it passed. FILE IT AWAY, EM -- Obama did what he had to do!

There's a mood right now, in the media, in the polls, that's making me wonder if the price we are paying for voting for, electing, and celebrating Obama in the White House is costing us more than we can afford ... FILE IT AWAY EM!

The oil spill in the gulf -- what it killed, murdered and destroyed is still not fully evaluated and the moratorium is what Obama did to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

Should the White House negotiate temporary restrictions and find a way to restore Alaska's drilling rights? If a compromise can't be made, does it mean no energy bill? WE NEED IT -- the new sources of energy, the jobs!

The anti-administration guys are saying NO to everything. Whatever they seem to be winning, they are also losing! But they don't care -- they're thinking about the next election, and the next, and the presidential election in 2012!

Writing this helps me make sense of what to think, what to hope for ... It's SIT TIGHT! DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS! Obama is a lawyer, a negotiator with the best advisers, facts at his fingertips. He's doing his job.

He got us the Economic Stimulus package, Credit Card reform, Student Loan reform, the Hate Crimes act -- other stuff, major things -- President Barack Obama will figure out what to do.

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