Sunday, October 17, 2010


Conserving electricity, Emily find herself reminding John to turn off the lights. Also, concerned about wasting water, she teases John about his long showers. John finds himself reminding Emily about conserving heat, and recycling.

These days the problems of conserving things can be annoying, unless you find ways to keep the "nagging" light-hearted and amusing.

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Anonymous said...

i wash my vegs & fruits over a bucket. wait for my kitchen faucet water to heat up over that bucket, water plants and rose bushes with it. soap 1 hand, wet the other, turn off water as i scrub. much like you all and your teeth brushings. i have small nrg efficient portable heaters for my "office" and shower room. wear down vest. use central heat only when guest are here. used to it as brother jim & i only had pot belly stove in 100ft loft on 8th ave years ago. then it was overcoats and gloves.
warm hugs- LOU A

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