Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I read three articles about equal opportunity for women today.
I have to admit, I never thought that gender equality was very important. Yes, the latest statistics show that a female earns seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man makes doing the same job -- and, yes -- there are jobs for males only, that females can do just as well. But gee, there are other issues about equality that I think are much more important to confront and fix.

People of color, males or females do not get the jobs the whites do!

Yes, yes, they do once in awhile, and yes, doors are opening -- lots of doors have already been opened, and that's progress, but it isn't equality. People of color, Moms, Pops, and kids, entire families -- they don't get the breaks, we get.

I am talking about American Blacks, American Indians, and India's Indians, people from Asia, the Far East, Orientals, Hispanics, Latinos, Australians, Blacks from East Africa and Blacks from South Africa -- whatever you call them -- blacks, reds, browns, yellows do not have the same possibilities for the good life, the hopes for success, and opportunities that whites have.

Affirmative action helped people of color for a while -- colleges deliberately enrolled minorities, but it became too important and whites objected, and then of course, times changed. Nowadays, with our economic troubles, the enormous cost of a college education and the fact that we have a Black President, the foundations and donors who were helping the blacks, reds, browns, yellows have been supporting other urgent things.

Hey, if I were black, red, brown, or yellow, finishing high school, thinking about a career in education, law, social work, government, or the arts, I'd be bracing myself -- gearing up to push, work, shove, and squirm my way into the upper echelons -- and even then, I'd know that I might not get there.

I think race prejudice is STILL a rumbling volcano.

What to do? People of color already know the future, for them, is fraught with troubles and dangers. We whites have to acknowledge it -- move over, make room, and share what we've got with the other guys.

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Fran Leonardis said...

The problem , IMHO, is not that people of color are not getting jobs they might have gotten but for their skin color. But more that people that were/are not qualified only got jobs BECAUSE of their skin color. I havent been in the office set for close to 6 years. But I can tell you first hand,that there was no shortage of diversity in ANY of the workplaces I was in. Matter of fact, my last boss was an African American WOMAN. The manager of the whole operation was A WOMAN. I worked along side people from every heritage and gender you can think of. I even worked with a transgender person in one job!!
So I dont think its as much of a problem as we the people can make it out to be. What kind of business did I do? I was a Litigation Specialist for several major Insurance Carriers, handling complex medical claims as a result of auto accidents. No, I think employers are much to litigation savvy to not hire someone qualified based on skin color, heritage or gender.

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