Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We heard Lady Gaga passionately, hoarsely, insisting that we get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

It got a lot of attention. It shook us up -- a twenty-four-year-old entertainer, advising the powers that be in Congress, the Pentagon, the White House, ordering them, demanding they do it now!

They didn't.

We have new headlines about bullied, very young kids terrified of the stigma, the possibility that their homosexual feelings will turn them into Gays, and "gay," they think, is a fate worse than death. In the past month, because of gay bullying, or because they were gay, five youngsters have killed themselves.

We have more than 11,000 educated, trained gay men and woman who have already been discharged, who were ready to fight, and do what they were trained to do. They are in limbo, trying to rebuilding new lives, forced by Don't Ask Don't Tell to find new careers.

The GOP senators, the No-sayers who refused to debate the issue, and stopped the repeal of DADT, are letting lives get ruined -- doing it in order to win the midterms, win back the presidency in 2012, win back the power to govern our country.

They are destroying lives of American citizens and families. Their tactic of stopping new laws about taxes that will help pay off the national debt, stopping new stimulus bills that will help create jobs, stopping the repeal of DADT, is poisoning the air we are breathing.

They say proudly and loudly -- let's get back to where we were, what we were before the present administration took over.

Where we were?
You must concur
Was bad.
Don't be sad.
Bad is better than now -- holy cow --
That we mustn't allow.

And of course, they're promising to fix what was broken/dead/destroyed later.

That will be a cold day in hell!
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