Friday, October 15, 2010


U hoo, friends!

Is your mood changing?

The seasons are changing. So, my mood is changing.

I think I have a touch of facebook-its. It's similar to actor-itis -- what an actor goes though after a few months of not working, when job-hunting routines feel like chores.

I'm not bored with what I'm writing about, but what's on my mind feels as if it's stuck in a worry-warting pattern -- the damn midterms -- the disproportionate, inappropriate criticisms of Obama's administration -- those damn political ads! Ads always irritate me, but right now my tolerance is getting less and the ads are getting more frequent, longer, and nastier.

Yes. I'm seriously worried about what may happen if the Republicans gain control of Congress. Even so, the fact that leaves are turning red, gold and brown -- that we're into the fall -- it's telling me to write about other things, other subjects.

In a minute it'll be Halloween. Then turkey time, family get-togethers, nostalgia, and Xmas shopping lists -- whew -- that involves intuition, patience, perseverance -- awareness of what might delight the various people on your lists.

Practically the next day, it'll be red and green decorations time, serious shopping, rows of pine trees waiting to find a home -- some huge beautiful tree will be chopped down to decorate Rockefeller Center -- a fabulous thing of nature will be turned into a thing for crowds to gasp over, cheer and applaud.

I don't love crowds, and I don't love nature's glories turning into entertainment. I don't love shopping. I worry about the homeless. And maybe we'll be dealing with what's happening to the environment -- climate changes -- seriously cold temperatures, more ice and snow.

I'll certainly be thinking, and probably writing, about aspects of all the above.

But, gee -- if you've got facebook-itis, if you'd like me to write about a subject that YOU have on your mind, suggest it. Just tell me the subject -- any subject -- and I'll give it a try.
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