Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My friend, who knows the CEO for an animal rescue foundation, sent me this.

A baby moose was in distress in a creek. A man got him out of the creek; tried to find the mother and send him on his way, but the moose fell back into the creek, The man rescued him again, and sent him on his way, but this time the baby moose followed the man home.

The man's neighbor took these photos.

The pretty neighbor fell in love with the moose.

The man's dog liked the moose, and the moose liked the dog.

The pretty neighbor fed the moose every day for a few weeks.

The CEO from the rescue foundation visited, and saw that moose enjoyed being fed by the neighbor, and was doing very well, living with the man and his dog.

The CEO suggested it was time to move the moose to the foundation where there was a pen the moose could share with a fawn. The moose immediately liked the fawn.

Now the two of them will grow up together, till they're old enough and large enough to be released back into the wild. The man married the pretty neighbor and they and the dog are now living happily ever after.

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