Friday, October 1, 2010


While writing a post for today about exercise, Emily got stuck.

The writing sounded too negative. Though exercise is a vital part of her daily routine, quite often she finds it boring, and a chore she postpones.

John jumped in, and reminded Emily how exercise saved her life after a car accident.

John Cullum's memories, John's questions, and Em's answers became a discussion -- and turned, unexpectedly, into this video blog on how to make boring exercise less boring.


Kevin Daly said...

It's very hard to get me motivated. Excuses and laziness abound and have spent much of my life on the lower side of the fitness curb. There have been stretches where I've gotten into a regimen, but I'm prone to upper respiratory ailments and whenever I get one, I fall off of the wagon again.

Carola said...

Good advice!! Some other tricks to get oneself to exercise: Set an exercise routine for yourself that you can really stick to day in and day out, even if that routine is more modest than you would like it to be. Persistence is more important than intensity. Also, give yourself credit for the exercise that you naturally get in the course of the day. If you walk up and down stairs or have a long walk to the subway, keep track of the minutes and write them down and give yourself credit for them as part of your daily exercise goal.