Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Anti-Obama stuff is getting worse. We've been told over and over he's doing wrong things.

Now we are being bombarded with distorted information and lies, the way ads for movies, medicine, and cereals lie and hammer us, hammer in words, pictures, flashing subliminal visions to make the "product" sound as if it's the way to go -- it's what to buy -- when IT ISN'T.

The US Chamber of Commerce has been spending $3 million a week on ads and lobbying that will stop anything on Obama's current agenda from getting passed. It has spent $150 million since 2009, the day Barack Obama was sworn in as President. The business lobby is planning to spend $75 million more before election day to make sure the Republicans win-win-win.

That's a huge amount of money being spent to stop this guy. They're making sure that we are reminded, every time we turn on the television, the radio, or pick up a newspaper, that Democrats are facing an "historic rout, an earthquake, a tidal wave."

Why isn't Obama fighting back? He had a huge army off line and online, Organizing for America. People sent in $1, $100, $1000, whatever they could afford to support him. The OFA army -- people who went house to house, rang bells, helped in a hundreds of ways -- was 6000. Right now that army is less than 300.

Obama and his aides haven't re-built OFA because he isn't selling himself -- he's selling issues -- employment, education, weakened economy, how to end the war. And other issues -- tax cuts, immigration, fixing healthcare, rising costs of this and that.

The guy is busy, too busy to fight to win mid-terms when he's handling the whole country, and our country is holding much of the world in its hands -- every day someone's life somewhere in the world can be saved by something our president says or does.

Even so, why aren't OFA guys jumping in and helping now? David Plouffe, the head of OFA, said, "The feeling people had about OFA, helping Obama get elected, was like a first kiss -- you can't experience it twice."

I say, YES YOU CAN. You get to know someone, pick up details about the person's steadfastness, truthfulness, sense of humor, and flaws -- find out if this person is a complainer, overly aggressive, race-prejudiced. We know Obama isn't -- we know he's a cerebral, thoughtful man, who studies every aspect of an issue before he makes decisions.

Okay, you're worried. You look around. You check out the other guys. They look nice -- falling in love is sexy fun, fascinating, interesting, and ... well, it can be painful. Gee, with someone new, you hear a few words -- maybe at little exaggerating, a white lie, something philosophical/political that suggests the new guy is selling old stuff that sounds like what Bush sold us, that got us in the ditch in the first place.

It's sort of like sleeping around, but being big-eyed, wide-awake before you jump into bed. Could you fall in love with handsome, stiff, Mormon Mitt, or sweetsy, seductive sales-lady Sarah, or do you look for some new guy like a new penny -- a copper shiny person, who's never been fingered in a lot of pockets?

We know that the man we put in the White House is a truthful, honest, moral, clear-thinking, strong fighter (who won an election against impossible odds). He is also hearing all the negative talk about historic rout and tidal waves.

What's he doing? He's going along with what his brain and guts tell him to do.

What can I do, what can you do? We can talk about him. Talk to your friends, relatives, grocer, druggist, gas station attendant, store clerk, delivery guy -- anyone you bump into -- talk to everybody you can about what's great about Obama -- talk and keep talking and don't sleep around.
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