Saturday, October 9, 2010


I like to work. Once I start to work on something, I keep going till it's done. Thinking about work can be a drag, but the actual doing of it -- whatever it is -- is fun.

The fact is, for me, work is more fun than vacationing, traveling, reading a book, or being a spectator (yep, I'd rather work than watch John Cullum in a show, unless it was playing Charlie Anderson again, in the revival of "Shenandoah.").

Since one of my friends told me yesterday, that he has written page one of a novel, which is a huge work commitment, I'm thinking he could use a little advice from Em, the novelist.

Maybe you can use some advice. If you've got a job on your mind, something you want to do (be it writing a novel, or building a room, producing a play, buying a dog, adopting a child, (taking on a 15 year very big job) -- click and read what I wrote last year -- "Work Is God Is Work."


Carola said...

I guess it depends on what the work is. I like the feeling of accomplishment after doing a project. I hate housework!

Linda Phillips said...

Lovely post Em!

Kevin Daly said...

It depends. If it's something that I don't particularly care for, I'm prone to procrastination and avoidance (working outdoors, mostly). On the other hand, I tend to go nonstop when it's something I love.

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