Saturday, November 20, 2010


I knew from the pale light creeping around the edge of the window shade, that another day was beginning. A bunch of worry thoughts were flickering around. They'd been flickering on and off since some wee hour of the morning.

... slippery floor ought to be mopped ...
... burnt out hallway florescent that needed to be replaced ...
... that letter I needed to write ...
... phone call I should have made yesterday ...
... a pain, just a twinge -- an iota of discomfort I felt yesterday ...

Is it a muscle? An old injury? What unknown trouble could be besetting me? Some weird polyp? Cancer? Which doomful decay that's been mentioned on television, has attached itself to a twig of memory about a painful spot that's bothered me, that I've put out of my mind?

I whisper inwardly Oh c'mon, forget it.

I'm still thinking about the twinge as I sit down to write a post for my blog. I don't write a word. I am thinking a million little thoughts while thinking Oh boy, this is going to be a lousy, bad, unproductive day.

I tell myself sternly -- think about all this stuff later!

I reach for my calendar. I lift it off its hook; obediently murmuring think about it later, and put the calendar on my desk; grab a pencil, and in the box with next Monday's date, I write "weird pain," and put a question mark next to it.

And sort of mischievously, scrawl "write letter" in tomorrow's box, print "phone call" on the day after tomorrow -- one-by-one I relegate florescent bulb, mop floor to other dates, disposing of the nagging, distracting little worry thoughts.

Is the distracted, worried feeling gone? Maybe ... maybe not ...

I go for a walk. Outside is cold and nasty, It's not a day to mail a letter or shop. Just doing something that I wouldn't ordinarily be doing, I mosey into the hall, walk upstairs, walk around and turn off some lights, and in the kitchen, take out coffee things.

I make myself a fresh cup -- my own. homemade "Starbucks." Instead of one scoop of Colombian Roast, I use three, and pour water into the filter gradually so the taste will be stronger.

It's delicious smelling ...
I sit and sip, dawdling a little. Am I okay? Well ... maybe I'll catch the day half way.

I'm at the computer, writing this. Yep -- if you're having a bad day, you have to find a way to give yourself a command --
like Stop! Go!
Catch the Day Half Way!

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