Sunday, November 21, 2010


The Cullums discuss something they've never chatted about -- the way lawyer and spokesman for many Blacks, Al Sharpton, has evolved, over the years, and the way their feelings about him have changed.

Retracing his story from 1987, when they felt he was pushy, a man who was trying to be famous and build a political career for himself, they review his support of various blacks who have had problems with the police.

They find themselves cheering for him, feeling that Al Sharpton is a man to admire as well as support.

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Linda Phillips said...

Were was the kiss??? I missed the kiss! ;-)

Both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are and always have been huge opportunists with chips on their shoulders (IMO). I have never liked either of them, because they are so arrogant and will find any opportunity to be in the spotlight. That whole Tawana Brawley thing was a self perpetuated hoax. Shapton and a couple of other Black men (The others were lawyers who's names escape me.) used that "incident" to self promote themselves.

Jackson does the same thing.

I do have to admit that Sharpton can be very funny. When he was running for President, he often said very humorous things in the primary debates.

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