Sunday, November 28, 2010


If you're in a hit show, performing eight shows a week, what do you do to sustain your energy, keep the character fresh?

John Cullum explains that he prepares each night. Emily, wanting specifics, asks if he's bored, does he warm up his voice, his body, and does he ever go blank.

"Yes," John exclaims, and re-enacts what happened to him on one of the preview nights last week. Performing the moment for her, John delivers a speech that doesn't really make much sense, but viewers will get a good sense of how John Cullum attacks the role that he's performing every night at the Lyceum in "Scottsboro Boys."

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Kevin Daly said...

The process always fascinates me. Everyone comes at it so uniquely, but with the same fundamental goal. Thanks for this one, Em!

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