Saturday, December 4, 2010


I like her.

What's to say about a woman whose face is instantly recognizable, who has been in the news, on television, whose voice I recognize, as well as her manner, her bearing.

I like her.

Why are people surprised that she chose to remain in Congress as the minority leader? I guess they felt she enjoyed her power, and would dislike taking a back seat. (I never got the impression that she loved being in the limelight -- when paparazzi were hovering, she seemed somewhat embarrassed.)

I felt that she liked and understood her job, and had no reluctance about expressing her opinion -- it usually fit with the President's opinion. When it didn't, it was never Nancy Pelosi versus the President. It was Pelosi wanting to help him achieve what he wanted to achieve.

I like her.

She didn't say "I." She used the pronoun "We." Her cheerful, upbeat manner affirmed that she believed in what she was doing. I remember a couple of occasions when she explained some whys and wherefores. When she did, it seemed sensible, not teacherish, just practical.

I like that.

At times, it was if she were Obama's partner -- not a wife, but similar to a wife -- in her consistent loyalty, her ability to change the subject when reporters were bombarding her with questions.

Right now, the media constantly refers to Obama being trounced, Obama failing -- the White House being seriously rebuked by the public's lack of support -- the midterms as a disaster for Obama.

That Pelosi will continue to work with the President says the midterms were just midterms, not a rebuke or a disaster. She's ready to use her knowledge, skills, experience -- her rapport with the President -- to help him move ahead on his agenda.

Pelosi is showing us that actions speak louder than words.

That's why I'm letting you know, I like Nancy Pelosi.
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