Saturday, November 27, 2010


What do you do if you find yourself doing something that feels wrong, and you find yourself in circumstances that you aren't able to handle?

I don't mean GUILT -- the way you might feel if you found you found yourself involved sexually with someone you didn't really like. I mean punch-in-the-stomach, desperation -- no, no, I can't do that!

I'm not talking about stage fright -- when your muscles turn to jelly -- you're not sure you can do the choreography -- you're afraid to step on to the stage. (It happened at my very first performance at the YMHA in New York City.)

Oh yes, I've had jelly-knees stage fright since then -- at Spoleto, Festival of Two Worlds -- had it in London on opening night -- at Lincoln Center just before the curtain went up.

But the punch-in-the-stomach fear? -- click -- here's what happened to me in Iowa.


Linda Phillips said...

WOW ...what a story!!!!!!!!! You are one brave woman...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Peacock said...

Why we appreciate "The Anthem For The Common Man"...Mr. Butternut, a trooper in his own right, coming to the rescue of a group of "out of their element" troupers. Interesting that you draw a military analogy. Any chance that he was in tan overalls or that your troup was clad in shades of brown? "Butternut" was a slang term used to describe the Confederate Civil War soldier due to the hue of his homespun clothing. One good decision you made was to ask for help; we should never be afraid to ask or deny help when it is required. An "anthem" for all in it's own right, especially students and other young folk.

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