Sunday, December 26, 2010


JC and Emily recall when they lived in California and the balmy Christmas weather seemed strange.

Each year, they bought a three-foot tree. They decorated it, and greeted it on Christmas morning. After New Year's they planted the tree outside their log cabin home.

When they left California and moved back to New York City, there were eight "little" BIG trees on edge of their backyard at the top of Las Flores Canyon, on the outskirts of Malibu.

Emily recalls Christmas carols, singing carols in the car. But John's most favorite Christmas was the first one they celebrated together.


Kevin Daly said...

Christmas Day is quite an interesting holiday. I think it's the most anticipated day of the entire year. However, that anticipation tends to be greater than the actual event. The season is festive and everything we see in decorations, advertisements and all around is a build-up to the 25th. Now, people mistake the 12 days to Christmas as the 12 days of Christmas (and that's something I don't like!)

For me, the exceptions to this rule are the Christmases where I've kept my expectations low. It's not that I didn't receive any gifts or enjoyed the holiday season, but I kept my enthusiasm in check. As a result there were little surprises and gifts (material and otherwise) that made the day memorable. Yesterday was one of those days.

But in terms of hype and holiday cheer, Christmas Eve is where the real magic lies.

Keith said...

Absolutely adorable. Sometimes it's remembering those moments when you have little that you are reminded that you have everything.

Also, please forgive my boldness, but will you tell your husband that I thoroughly loved Scottsboro Boys? I only dare ask, because I truly was downloading the Cast Recording of the show, when I got your Facebook note. It felt serendipitous.


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