Monday, December 27, 2010


Madame Secretary of State, you said something recently that got me wondering about where you stand on what's going on?

The Republicans don't call it a campaign, but they are pouring money into what's happening now, as if we're already into the presidential campaign of 2012.

Hillary, you recently said, "I think I'll serve as Secretary of State as my last public position." You explained that you would like to return to your roots as an advocate for women and children.

To me, that statement means that you have thought about running for president in 2012, and you wanted your supporters to know how you felt.

But if you were drafted, Hillary, somehow drafted into running, would you say NO? Or YES, because the Republican say-no-tactics are working. They're stopping the President.-- keeping him from creating jobs, and other urgent issues. Or NO, because Democrat liberals and conservatives, friends, good people you know and trust are vacillating -- it's a wrong time.

Hillary, you have changed -- your demeanor, hairdo, clothing style -- you've become a strong, sternly focused Secretary of State. Your charm, poise, and knowledge is used by you in a different and more aggressive way. But the new Hillary is as powerful, maybe more powerful than the old Hillary, whom we cheered, hoped for, and supported as a possible president, even though we chose Obama.

And a woman for president -- the educated, knowledgeable, experienced wife, mother, politician that Hillary Rodham Clinton is -- Hillary, you know there's no one like you, who can inspire other women's love, their trust and support.

Hey, if I'm thinking this, so are millions of other Americans.

Speaking of millions -- the money -- the $21 million you and Bill poured into your campaign -- has it been paid off? The talk about this almost completely disappeared. But last week, an email was sent out by your husband to get donations for the $2 million or so, that's still outstanding.

I don't think money is an issue for the Clintons. I think the Clinton's clear up the old bills, before they start a new campaign.

Hillary, if there was a ground swell of pressure, Hillary, would you say NO?

NO, you lost. you could lose again?
YES. Republicans have built a wall around Obama that's higher and stronger every day, and he's stuck!

NO -- it's a wrong time to put your hat in the ring! It's the end of Obama's 2nd year. It was a tough time for President Clinton, a tough time for FDR. Obama is doing what has to be done right now and doing it strongly and ... well ... maybe, possibly ... YES.

Click the link -- here's what Bill emailed to people who donated money previously. I think the Clintons are again, mulling over Hillary for President.
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