Friday, December 31, 2010


Emily Frankel asks John Cullum about his New Year's resolutions.

John isn't sure, until Emily announces that she has resolved to cook more dinners for him.

Recalling some of their old resolutions, the Cullums toast each other, and agree -- their best resolutions have been made, not on New Year's, but during the year, when something happens that requires a strong resolve to fix.


carolom said...

I love how when you propose that John rings his sister everyday he kind of face freezes and goes into a short trance.... He is SO gotta love him! said...

Wonderful Emily,

My main resolution this year is to put myself in "equal first place" with people. I do like to see people feeling great about themselves and my mission is to help them do that. At the same time, I need to be sure that I'm taken care of in the process - or I won't be able to help them.

Second is to have my site complete by next week and to get my new book around the country and to other countries.

A totally joyful resolution I have is to keep in touch with you.

May you and John have a year that tops all previous years and may the year after be even greater.

Edibles Advocate Alliance said...

THIS chef LOVES the sound of your cornbread, John.
MY resolution this year? Work less, love more. I bet, then, I'd end up with more measurable bounty at the end.
Cheers! (I'm drinking red wine)
Happy feasting you two!

Carola said...

I agree with John's suggested resolution for Emily: try to find a little more leisure time.

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