Thursday, January 27, 2011


We've got a PALER PALIN.

Goody. Her confident comments about cross hairs and blood libel have put Palin in the cross-hairs.

Paler Palin means MORE room for other awful '"MAKE ME PRESIDENT" gals.

The more the merrier.

Less Palin -- less half truths -- fewer fudged facts from the twittering lady -- the louder, happier is Em's GOODY GOODY.


Carolyn Kalmus said...

Thumbs up!!!
Let's also hope that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who has rewritten American History to suit her presidential ambitions also fades away into the woodwork.
Suggest viewing video on second page of linked article:

Anonymous said...

I think Emily Frankel would be a fabulous leader...she already is...Palin makes my skin crawl...what a wretched woman. Let her fade away into the darkness and leave those that she's hurt, alone ( people and animals)!

Linda Phillips said...

I am with you Carolyn. Also scary as all hell is Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ.... unbelievable. These people have zero humanity, rewrite history to serve their own agendas and are just plain dreadful!

Kevin Daly said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we all got paid millions for saying such stupid things? It seems that every couple of days she continues to outdo herself in the "foot in mouth" department.

Anonymous said... that, well said Em. H.

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