Sunday, January 23, 2011


Emily wants her husband, John Cullum, to explain why he goes to commercial auditions, but never gets chosen.

Is it his Southern Accent?

JC demonstrates. In a Southern Accent he pretends to sell a Ford car; then, sells the Ford ala John Gielgud; then, tries again, selling the car in a Richard Burton style and tone.

They discuss the fact that some advertisers have asked him to present their product in the style and tone of "Holling the Bartender" -- the role John Cullum played in the TV Series, "Northern Exposure."

Emily suggests that JC doesn't get ever get the job because he really doesn't want to do commercials..


Linda Phillips said...

I would buy a car from John Cullum...if he were willing to sell them on TV...any brand!

Kevin Daly said...

John's voice would be perfect for many different commercials and v/o. Just hearing the AIR sign off is proof of that (he needs to be the voice of a network, I think). And that's a pretty solid Gielgud!

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