Friday, January 28, 2011


I am not using the name, so that Google's tentacles that find information, and translate it into Google Alerts, won't grab what I'm saying, and the search engine that The Face has built, won't seize what I've writing and deem it treason.

I will use metaphors, beat around the bush, and avoid references.

It is tricky, complicated to figure out how to do this or that in The Face's domain. There are imponderable cross references and batches of potential answers to similar questions, but rarely a simple sequential "do this, then do that."

The rules are hidden. They seem to be traditions, but no one I've met seems to know, specifically, what they are. Nevertheless, you are punished, told to stop what you are doing, with a warning that appears with no preliminaries. You can be permanently stopped if you don't respond to the message that suggests you need to do something, but it isn't clear what.

You are NOT required to reveal more about yourself than you want to, but messages appear here and there, that remind you, that you are not revealing significant aspects of your background -- age, phone number, nitty-gritty details of your education, hobbies, and favorite things.

The inner environment of The Face's domain feels like a high, hard-surfaced curved wall, sort of like a silo, with no hooks, handles, or indents, nothing to grasp, no easy way to climb up and out.

All this has been created by a seemingly bland, un-threatening, innocent countenance of a young boy-girl child man. There's no contactable anything, no feeling in that countenance -- just cold blue-lake eyes that are wide-open focused, and a not generous expressionless mouth.

I don't know why I don't like that face. It is probably imitating it's parents in their supervisory mode, telling the boy-girl man child, "Oh yes, dear, you can have fun and freedom" which they did not have, and maybe that's why I feel that fun and freedom is denied, restricted by The Face.

The Face is getting more popular, famous, rich, recognizable, and more -- much more important, much more powerful -- and has no need to be concerned with me as an individual, or any other individual with whom it comes in contact.

What will happen to The Face? I fear it will go too far in its need to control me, limit and box in my thinking, stop me from anything I do that's out of the boundaries that The Face has created.

It permits words, words, triviality, inconsequentiality of words, words, words, that become an amusing, curiously inventive "reason for being unto themselves" -- the path to travel, the goal, the place where you end up, full of sound and fury that signifies almost nothing except bla-bla.

Yep. I'm afraid that The Face is leading me to a great big horizon-less, infinite nowhere, and if I don't find a way out, I'm going to disappear.


Heather said...

This is a thought provoking message creatively done. But is there a question? Maybe no question is necessary. xxxxooo H.

Anonymous said...

The Face is there, more prominent daily. However this which we see isn't the face that is actually coming into being. As this is of course just my opinion, it seems that the media/gov/those that lead us into their directions, are wanting to scare the general public as usual...however look around you next time your out for a walk, or even watching television. The white color is shrinking and from what I see even walking through Beverly Hills, there are many more colors of the rainbow lighting the way. Don't be scared because there's nothing to fear... only the fear that somehow "they" will take over at some point. But for every team of leaders, yes they have followers...but ALWAYS there is an underground that has it in the works to put things back as they should be. "The Order of the Phoenix" in a way. ;)

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