Thursday, March 24, 2011


Am thinking -- yep, a bit teary eyed.

I have a list of things I could write about but am not in the mood. Not because Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday morning -- that's death, and my thoughts about life are churning, because of a powerful sense of stuff happening here, there, everywhere that bothers me.

Most of all, I'm bothered when I read again or hear again some "name' person advising Obama -- telling us Obama should have done thus and so yesterday, or last month, or next week, or not at all, or maybe handled it -- whatever it is -- in another way.

Name persons bother me. How they get to be names, and therefore, people who give opinions -- the process by which we are getting names is scary. They are not necessarily voices/opinion, we need to hear. It's a tower of babel.

I got two messages from friends who disconnected their cable TV, and I'm VERY mad at ME for listening, calling it a tower of babel -- being bothered, and doing nothing about it.

And doing nothing about all the front page to-do about Libya, Gaddafi and all those opinions, and I'm still getting negative and positive comments, a barrage of opinions about Hillary. About wonderful Hilary, or is Hillary ill, or what is Hillary really promoting these days -- ups and downs -- certainty that she's retiring -- certainty that she's got new political plans brewing, and hey -- some comments are sure she's got a lover.

And then, there's the Muslims -- hate 'em, look out for them, beware of them, stop them, never trust them -- ups and downs -- it's very scary to me because I see a new, huge, race- prejudice wall building. It's already so high that it feels as if it's shutting out air and light.

And then there's the trivia. I feel as if I better stick with that -- the trivia in my brain is like the dust that I want to dust away (but it's still not spring cleaning time -- it a raw and chilly day) -- TRIVIA about efforts made by people, and what they're promoting to earn money or become famous so they can earn enough money to buy stuff that's promoted by photos of rich people and their life styles.

It's the names of persons who are telling us what's important that's overwhelming me, and it's the stuff itself -- it has a lot to do with facebooking and tweeting, and the current way we communicate, saying, off the top of our heads, without much thoughtful thought, whatever t we sort of feel.

Muslim, Libya, Hillary, FB, Tweet and trivia ...

Well ... lucky us ...

Good thing that we have the strong tree in D.C., who has ideas and broadness, breadth and generosity of thought, a statesman whom we elected and didn't realize -- foolish us -- we actually have in our midst, a Churchill/Lincoln -- a real true leader.

He hears us, listens, doesn't make his opinion based on HIS own opinion -- it's based on what he learns from us.

I don't feel lucky today, but Yes, we are lucky.

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Lane Aldridge said...

Fantastic blog entry, Emily. Well said, well said indeed.... I too hear/see so much that I often feel terminally sad....