Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Cullums chat about what they'd like to do again, and try to do better, if they had another chance.

John dives into the subject, immediately declaring he'd like a chance to be a better father -- he wishes he could have been a better example for JD, their son.

Emily diverts the discussion back to his career, and their projects, wanting to know if, for instance, John would want to play "Hamlet" again or play Hamlet's father, Claudius.

John has no desire to turn back the clock to his Hamlet days, but reveals that IF they'd stayed in California -- if they hadn't moved back to New York City, he would have liked to open a showcase or non equity theater in Los Angeles.


Carola said...

This video was very touching - perhaps because it got kind of personal

Linda Phillips said...

I love the fact that both of you are so honest!