Sunday, March 13, 2011

WORRYING (video)

Emily Frankel is amazed that John Cullum is not a worrier. She wonders if it has something to do with the way he was brought up.

He sings "Lazybones!" And reveals it is a lazybones sort of thing. He just can't worry, even before an opening when the pressure is on him. He just isn't worried.

Cullum's extensive preliminary work on learning a part -- any part -- even if it's just a reading, or preparing for an audition for a commercial, or a part he isn't enormously interesting in playing -- means he digs in, studies the lines, reads anything that comes to his mind, that might shed light on the character.

Clearly, his extensive preparation processes eliminate worry.

Emily admires him for it.


Kent said...

Envy. Great word... Such a difference from jealousy! Thanks for this...

Linda Phillips said...

Amazing how JC can stay so calm...Loved the part where you called the prez of Equity!

Me, I worry over every little stupid thing...but rarely worry about big things that effect me personally...friends yes...I am ALWAYS worried about my friends!

I used to be (self diagnosed) OCD about things like did I lock the door...that was back in NYC where I had 12 locks on my door...(mildly exaggerating)....not so now...I guess I am cured of my temporary OCD!

Carola said...

I am the worrier in my family; my husband doesn't worry. Sometimes he loses sleep when he is anxious about something, but he isn't conscious of being anxious.