Saturday, August 27, 2011

IF WE RETIRE (video)

Em Asks: "What would we do if we retired, John?

John Cullum states unequivocally that he doesn't want to retire.
He says he has banished thoughts of retirement, but Em pursues the thought. She mentions that she'd like to live in a small town and be the proprietor of her own vegetable store.

Living in a small town?
No show biz ventures?
OH NO, says John.
Oh YES, Em says, as she explains why.


Anonymous said...

Lol! Funny and interesting subject today...learning Em's secret about opening a vegetable store when you 2 retire! And John can write. Sounds fun and good whenever you're ready. Hope you would still do this weekly video? You could do it live from the vegetable store-this would also be good advertisement!

Linda Phillips said...

Em, first of all I love you in that shade of blue. You should wear more blue.

Okay...I think you would love to run your "vegetable store" in Capitola-by-the Sea!" It would be the perfect place..but alas..I really don't see the Cullums retiring or moving anywhere and please don't! Okay? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carola said...

Running a vegetable store doesn't sound like retirement to me. Now, maybe running a farmstand for a local farmer....

Anonymous said...

Lol! Em-it's me who loves your blogs, videos, talkery, and profile page postings. I really enjoyed this video, but doesn't sound like you and John are ready to sell vegetables yet! Keep doing what you both are doing-cause YOU'RE GREAT! kam Kathleen McGee in Kansas