Sunday, August 21, 2011


The pain involved, in writing a play -- that's the subject the Cullums discuss.

"Shattering Panes," a play project that Em wrote and John produced and directed, was born in Chicago's Hancock building on a windy, stormy day.

The Cullums enjoy remembering how this project evolved, and reveal why it's still a dream, a current project they both want to work on again.


Carola said...

What a great premise for a play. I knew you did a play in Seattle but I never knew the plot. I'm so sorry the Seattle critics and audiences failed you. I can just imagine those two actors as the dog and cat--did they manage to make themselves seem small?

eddie rotten said...

You never know how butterflies affect your attempts of the past. You do however, know what dreams are, and how important they are to the world once they're realized. Ask the Wright Brothers. I say, continue with the heart of child and make yourself happy!

Linda Phillips said... the entire concept!

Anonymous said...

Emily and John-the play sounds interesting and compelling with some humor in it. I would have also enjoyed seeing the actors playing the dog and cat and what they sounded like! Lol! I think the plot and story would get a better review today than before and would be worth a try. You both have such brillant imaginations! kam