Monday, December 6, 2010


"Sheconomy" -- the word makes me cringe. I didn't hear the word or see it until a week ago. I know that women are gaining stronger positions in business and earning more, but it's still a man's world -- or is it? Is there a new war, a new battle between men and woman?

"The Battle of the Sexes," a 1914 silent film, was directed by D.W. Griffith. "The Battle of the Sexes," a 1928 talkie, was a remake directed by Griffith. From the early thirties till the sixties when he died, James Thurber's cartoons depicting the battles between the sexes were in the New Yorker Magazine.

"The Battle of the Sexes" was a 1959 British comedy film starring Peter Sellers. "The War Between Men and Women," a comedy film starring Jack Lemmon, Barbara Harris, and Jason Robards, based on James Thurber's writings, was released and a hit in 1972.

So what about now?

I've seen numbers that prove women (or the homemaker person in a relationship), generally do the buying of cars, houses, financial services, electronic gadgets (such as cell phones and, computers), and buy the food, pharmaceuticals, clothing for the family, furniture, and decide where to vacation.

Statistic-makers collect information on all of the above -- analyze, filter, organize, and sell numbers to manufacturers, to the markets, as well as the purveyors, who develop, expand, and draw conclusions about the numbers so that the media -- advertisers and creators -- can cater to the female/homemaker person's taste and predilections, as defined by all this.

Yes, and all this is now being verified, sung, discussed, confirmed, by major PhD's, CEO's, prognosticators, (including the Woman's Congress, The Spectrum Group, Mass Mutual Financial Group, Fleishman-Hillard, PR and International Marketing, and

Okay, the numbers are proving that women, the "SHEs" have more, much more power than the men, the "HEs," who nowadays, are lagging a little, sagging, dragging behind. (But, be aware that this information is being manufactured by the manufacturers who buy the trends, and sell them back to you.)

Sheconomy, Heconomy are a money-money view of things promoting the war between the sexes. And we're still recovering from the previous White House, that sold us WAR, got us into WAR, made money-money on WAR!

I think that what's going on now with married hetero couples, unmarried roommates, gay couples, is a stronger-than-ever need for pleasure, for pretty things, happy moments, because of the real WARS -- fighting, attacking, warring in politics, and the grim realities about young men and women being killed in our wars.

The sexes are not at war. I think right now, in these scary times, people are trying to create peace, a home-sweet-home safe place.

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Carola said...

I don't see it as a manufactured battle of the sexes. I think in every marriage one person kind lets some things go if the other person seems very interested in handling or controlling them. The "things" can vary, and they can switch back and forth. It's not a matter of power, it's more a matter of where one focuses one's attention and chooses to spend precious time on researching, or shopping or whatever. That doesn't mean the other person can't step in and influence the decision in a major way if she/he feels like it.

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