Sunday, October 30, 2011

DARK AT 4 pm (Video)

What about daylight saving? It was something we looked forward to, most of us, when we were kids.

John and Em get stuck -- about "time falling back." It doesn't seem as if it's a big issue to John, but Em is bothered -- she finds it depressing that when daylight saving ends, and we turn the clock back an hour, the streets get dark in the late afternoon.

It's not a serious problem, and not something the Cullums can solve, but they sympathize with each other in the special loving way, that they have, supporting each other's point of view.



Anonymous said...

Dear Emily: Sounds like it would take several hours to change all the clocks in your house! Lol! I don't like it getting darker sooner in the day either. Means winter and snow is coming. I am a fall and winter person because of my health, but always look forward to spring after a good snow and blast of winter cold. Delightful video of both of you today!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

The problem is the mornings. If we had daylight savings time all year long, the mornings would be horribly dark. I live a bit further north than NYC's latitude and the days in winter get very very short. With standard time it doesn't get light until 8:15 AM in mid-winter. If we had daylight savings time it wouldn't get light until 9:15 AM.

Linda Phillips said...

I'm with you. I don't like it and I have a clock on EVERYTHING!

Kaye Francis said...

"Seed" idea for just what you & (hahhhahh) especially John needs 'another project'. Not fancy, simple & basic. (because I always have great ideas for 'other people' yikes)
* * *
Take the subject matter from these most endearing to me AIR videos & write them for theatre. (I'm personally pre-disposed to humor, be it wicked, ironic or the type of fun sarcasm that translates best in spoken word.
* * *
Thinking a venue that can subsidize (PAY for YOU ALL) such as the dinner theatres of ~ was it 70's or 80's?
* * *
Thinking a T stage, actors in chairs across the top of the T, some props available under the chairs (hat or bouquet of flowers~ whatever is easy & applicable to the scene) ~ mix & match the actors ~ usually 2 to a scene, a possible 3rd intermittent. Thinking stage lighting that can be dimmed with some spot lights that have perhaps color change lenses on them.
* * *
I know little of theatre...I know your John is a very "Broadway" talent actor (but my good gosh, you both are so 'down to earth' , 'grounded' 'folks') ~ and good, fun, clean, sassy, way wicked funny live theatre is still excellent theatre. Exceptionally sweet when the production can pay for itself which is difficult for many productions to accomplish in this economy.
* * *
luv you both, it's only me & my big mouth @grammakaye on twitter

Unknown said...

Hi Em! I love your blog. I had no idea you were THAT Emily Frankel when I sent you the friend request. I just saw that we had a lot of mutual friends.

To tell you about myself would take a book. I am a retired actor/singer and former voice teacher. The best way to get to know me is to read my blog. I go by Austin by the way.

I would love to get to know you. I have met your husband many years ago. He was in 20th and I was In Best Little Whorehouse. A lifetime ago.