Saturday, November 5, 2011


Oh boy! Not already! It's happening, we're in it right now!
Em Frankel and John Cullum both feel as if they're still recovering from the last campaign -- Hillary, Obama, and all those Republicans lined up, planning to run.

It seems ridiculous, hugely time-consuming, and very boring --to have to hear the sales pitches of candidates, and their pals, their PR guys, who are figuring what sells, loading us with polls and opinions of not very significant information.

Can't we wait till January 2012?


Anonymous said...

Love your rich deep blue shirts! What a topic today! Yes, I agree with you both, things are getting polorized and making it even harder to sift through the non important issues at hand with each candidate. And oh look at our candidates! Not much to choose from this election except for Obama. Don't know who I am voting for but not "deer in the headlights-Bachman!" Lol! Alec Baldwin played recently on SNL as Rick Perry and was great! Maybe Alec might run and win... kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Linda Phillips said...

How cute was that? I loved it. You two are so entertaining.

I am already sick of all of those Republicans. One is dumber than the next and we know it will all come down to Romney anyway.

We need Obama to show us his true grit and convince us that he is the guy we voted for (well most of us voted for anyway) the last time.

Go Obama go! The jerks in those debates are scary clowns. You can beat them!

Carola said...

As a Democrat, I would hold my judgment on this until I get a chance to talk to a few Republicans to see if this campaign is helping them decide. Just because it seems like a circus to me, if it is helpful to them, then that is what politics is all about.