Tuesday, November 1, 2011


He's getting looser, but wiser, gentler, sharper, sometimes meaner, and boy oh boy, we are seeing more, and more, AND MORE of Alex Baldwin.

In lots of ads, very big commercials for a bank card, and do-this, try-that ads that suggest better, healthier, less expensive ways to do various things -- I can't remember what -- but on Ted Turner's movie channel --wow -- Baldwin talking about movies -- there's no one who's as direct, sincere, knowledgeable as Alec B.

Remember, all the bad press he got because he yelled at his daughter, and the divorce stuff? It's fading. It seems unimportant as we watch him, and are getting to know him as he's growing up into a leader.

Former actor Ronald Reagan was a leader. Like Reagan, Baldwin has played many different roles -- heroes and villains, quite often revealing unattractive aspects of himself (physically and mentally), but Baldwin remains attractive -- admirable, honest, trustworthy, yes -- and lovable.

I think Baldwin is deliberately expanding himself, his name, his presence, all over the media; in a methodical, thoughtfully considered way . I think he's making plans to run for public office. He's a "star" who doesn't behave like a STAR, and he is positioning himself to go for something major.

Okay, I know he admires my husband, John Cullum, and Baldwin has said so in public more than two times. (I heard him) -- Cullum in the musical "Shenandoah," inspired the young Alec to become an actor. He had good taste. John Cullum, in that musical, playing Charlie Anderson, was classic -- heroic -- fatherly -- a man to believe in -- a man who loved his family and his country.

So, since I feel that image still resonating in Baldwin (as it does in many many people who saw that show) why not Alec Baldwin as a mover and shaker in politics?

Yes, I am predicting, that one of these days we'll be seeing Mr. Alec Baldwin running for President.


Linda Phillips said...

Very possibly Em. I have seen him on Real Time with Bill Maher and he is very, very well versed when it comes to politics. I personally am very fond of him myself and how lovely that he honored JC as he had. I have no arguments with that. ;-)

He's human. He lost it with his daughter and a whole bruha (sp?) was made over it. Okay he has a temper and his relationship with his ex wife is apparently very painful to him, but I really, really like him so much.

I hope he does get into politics. We could use him!

Anonymous said...

I love Alec Baldwin and would probably vote for him if he runs for president someday. I watch him on the Turner essentials show and have seen alot of his movies, like Malice with Nicloe Kidman and he was great. I have also seen his commercials and enjoyed them. One of my best friend's husband looks just like him and they get asked alot for autographs! Lol!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Anonymous said...

Have been a fan of Alec's since the early days, and always enjoy hearing of him or about him.....certainly he, like anyone else in this country, can and should run for whatever office he'd like......would enjoy the candor he'd bring to the process....Thanks, Em....Love to you and JC!! Jim

Carola said...

I like him, but not anywhere near as much as the other commentators. I can't see him as a candidate for president or even senator. I do like the promos he does for NPR--they make me laugh out loud.