Saturday, October 8, 2011


Oops, this video came out very yellow and we ought to record it again, but the second time might not be as much fun as this first time.

Where is living day-to-day better? Where's the better place for John Cullum, for Emily Frankel to earn a living?

It doesn't matter to Em, writing can be done anywhere. But John needs to be in NYC. In LA, even 10 years ago, JC found himself sitting around, sometimes for months, without even an audition for a grandpa role. In New York City there's always work. Auditions, play readings, meetings, benefits, tributes.

Life for the Cullums, living in the heart of Manhattan, means noise, congestion, shopping problems -- getting food and supplies. Home means climbing five flights. They don't have an elevator in the building they own -- an 100 year old 5 storey loft building where they have a big home on one floor, a theater, dance studio and offices on another floor.

Life is LA is easier, more relaxing -- there are stars in the sky, wonderful vegetation, flowers. But John and Em agree, life in NY is what they want right now.

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