Sunday, October 2, 2011

NEW DOINGS (video)

Emily asks John Cullum what his latest, newest project is going to be.

"IF -- " John says immediately If I'm not working on a show."

And that expresses what's on John Cullum's mind. Like most actors, getting the next job is foremost on his mind.

John discusses "Bible Ballads," -- it's been an important, number-one creative project of his for more than a year. Emily reminds about the "Jack Tale" -- a play, a one man show, a recording maybe, that the Cullums have worked on together for quite a few years. (On and off, that's the way their projects develop.

Talking back and forth, you can see, and hear that they're cooking on it, he's not sure yet what to focus on, and she's stirring the pot.

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