Thursday, October 20, 2011


How to make sure fire, strong good, password?

You have to define yourself, and find a sequence of letters, digits, that you can remember.

So your source is significant -- it could be a ditty, a jingle, or maybe a spur of the moment feeling, or --of course -- you can go with what you've read about hackers, and create a complicated password like Google recommends.

Okay --be it numbers, symbols, cuss words, whatever you pick, nevertheless, needs to be an expression of you.

Like a profile picture? Do you pick what reveals what you are today? Or what you were? Or what you wish you could be?

I'm getting quite an education on I have noted, and now avoid, the f---, the s--- word users. the sexy come-on tweeters. Much of what's tweeted, isn't writing -- it's spur of the moment self-expression. And I'm seeing a lot of this on Facebook -- gee, guys -- what's this need to take off your clothes in words, and blurt out, vomit out, belch out a semi -chewed, undigested thought?

Work and think and create a passwords as if it's poetry. What you choose ought to be based on what you've learned, and what's deep, deep in your mind.

I'm saying dig into your childhood. "One, two, button my shoe" -- "Jack be Nimble" -- or maybe "Row, row, row your boat." Or latch onto the present -- what's in your bank account, or a relative's name, an enemy, a song -- some real thing from which you extract letters. Then, intersperse the letters with numbers or symbols. Your password won't be forgotten..

Signing in will be a moment, a couple of seconds of reverence -- a reference to something that is important to YOU.

"Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow." M&hA(lLiF)wWaS

I love John Cullum


We are spending more and more time, trying to find ways to be secure on the Internet. Why not turn that process into a poem?
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