Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Cullums think their daily routine is normal, very standard, and average.

They feel that their daily routines aren't special, or very interesting.

It's just breakfast, lunch, dinner between work -- each in their own office. JC, between acting jobs, works on writing music for his "Jack Tales" and "Bible Ballads" musicals. Em, writing posts for Em's Talkery, is currently figuring out how to sell her novels that have just been published as e books on

The fact is, they enjoy their daily routines, and think they're very very lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Em and John-so fun and delightful to see and hear you both tell of your daily routines! You are truly 'INTERLOCKING" in every way and very interesting how you complement each other and yet have space and time for each other's projects...I could listen to you talk all day and not get tired. You are both blessed with each other and in life! kam Kathleen Ann McGee