Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Here's a photo of George Clooney's castle In Lake Como, Italy.

If you are a George Clooney fan, (I am, sort of), you notice that he's in the news more than ever. Is it just the fame balloon that's blown with more air because he's doing more films? Or because he's sexy, good looking, optimistic? Or because he's got ideas and issues he's promoting?

Time Magazine reporter, Richard Stengel, asked the actor/director/activist questions that has me wondering if Clooney might be a presidential candidate someday? (Surely George has seen Robert Redford in the film, "The Candidate," and is very aware of handsome, good-looking Ronald Reagan's switcheroo from actor to politician.)

Stengel asked George, "Are you disappointed in Obama?" Clooney, who supported Obama in his pre-election days, not only said "no." Clooney said Hollywood ought to be handling Democrats, who have not learned to promote their achievements.

Stengel said, "What about Reagan's comment, that a candidate needs to be a good actor?"

Clooney replied that Obama was a good actor when his back was up against the wall, but could use some pointers -- a good director's directing on how to handle day to day communication. George described the work he's been doing to help the Sudanese -- the satellite camera he installed 400 miles above the scene, so that the world could see the real war and see what's really happening in Sudan -- not tribal fighting -- the graves, tanks , helicopters.

Was Clooney tweeting on Twitter, Stengel inquired.

"No, said George. said. He explaining that he drinks in the evening and doesn't want anything he says or does after midnight to end his career -- where "you can kiss my ass" can be spelled all wrong. (It was an astute answer -- celebs are constantly misquoted, or attacked for accidental references that can be grossly misinterpreted.)

Re his fabulous home in Lake Como, Italy: George confirmed that his living there has inspired boat loads of tourists who are now saying he paid $25 million for his house. "Which I did not pay."

About the Wall Street protesters, Clooney said, "Every time there's an actual grassroots movement that isn't funded by people trying to increase a grassroots movement, is interesting."

(Mmm ... he answers questions, elusively, doesn't he ... )

When Stengel asked what George thought about billionaire Warren Buffet's statement that rich people should be paying more taxes, the wealthy Clooney didn't say yes or no. He said, "I don't know how you can argue about that."

At the end of the interview Stengel asked "Would you run for office?"

Clooney quipped, "No. I'd from FROM office. My job is much more fun."

A question I would ask my husband's friend George: You're not shy, in fact you seem to promote your very busy sex life with various gorgeous girl pals -- will you ever get married?" (All those different girls Clooney seems to be going steady with ... it makes show-biz-wise Em wonder a bit wickedly, but realistically -- with his reverence for the Clooney name, I would think he'd want a passel of kids? Could George Clooney be gay? )

Anyway, it's fun wondering. Here he is in a recent television interview.


Maureen Jacobs said...

You made my day. I feel as though Mr. Cloony truly is a classy gentleman who glides through life! In the words of Auntie Mame, "life is a banquet and most poor souls are starving" and "live, live, live", Mr. Cloony is heeding those. He seems to be at peace with himself, realizes the value of press, and ultimately portrays the normalcy that most people try to achieve in his world.

He has a certain mix of charm, beauty, intelligence, and even gumption that makes for an interesting yet intriguing human being.

Carola said...

This blog makes me like George Clooney better. I like how he is steadfast in his support of Obama, and I am impressed by his caginess when he thinks it best not to answer a question.

Anonymous said...

Great blog about George Clooney! I adore him-he is soft on the eyes and warms a woman's heart! His castle looks so romantic...
He is leading a star's interesting and fast paced life and good to see more of him on the screen and TV.

Linda Phillips said...

I love George Clooney! Wow your husband was friends with 2 of my biggest crushes..Richard Burton and George Clooney!

I just don't think he's gay. I could be wrong. I just think he is possibly afraid of marriage and maybe he just really wants to be single?