Friday, December 23, 2011


Here's me last year, December 23, 2011, talking about my most favorite gift. In the video I mention my husband's job.

Though John Cullum is not in "Scottsboro Boys" which, alas, closed, he's going to be a guest in "30 Rock," and "The Middle" on television, in January or February.

Anyhow, I still feel the same way about my favorite gift -- it's not very expensive, not very rare -- just a gift that I was given in a brown manila envelope, stuffed with crinkled-up newspaper.

Why the gift is still my favorite, most loved gift is not because of the way it looks, but what the giver figured out, and why the gift was chosen.


Maureen Jacobs said...

Love your morning smile. Love the necklace! Hope your holidays are filled with joy and happiness and good food

Peggy Bechko said...

Love your post, Em. Wonderfully romantic, really and wonderful writer's advice as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily: Wonderful blog today! You look so pretty and the necklace is beautiful! Love your discussion about John and this gift he gave you along with being you. Happy Holidays dear Em and John! kam