Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Republican candidates hire this guy and eagerly seek his advice. Fox network’s founder, 71-year-old Roger Eugene Ailes, was a media consultant for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Rudy Giuliani.

He brags about promoting his clients the way American Idols have been promoted, the way X factor is currently promoting itself as the latest, super best talent show.

Ailes is currently advising republican candidate Rick Perry.

His tactics for handling the easily impressed, already somewhat brain washed American public, include mixing Tea Party and Republican ideas into snappy sounding slogans, "hot" cliches about debt, big government, leaving taxes alone, the failed Obama, the poor confused Democrats, the importantance of not supporting unemployment insurance, unions, and wasteful spending on pork -- like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare.

Yes, he has a great list that includes just about everything that I think is desperately important.

I'm appalled that we are daily, hearing Repubs telling us how wonderfully well they'll run the government that Obama isn't capable of running. What we're already hearing are untruths, logic that isn't logical, and the media is busily, happily, constantly helping the Republs sell all this to us.

Is he a Dick Cheney? No, but sort of a Karl Rove. Both of them established themselves and made sure we know who they are. We don't know much about Ailes, though one can research him and read about he's done, and whom he's supported, and what Ailes says he believes in.

I usually want to know more about the person behind the public person, but looking at Ailes, his picture, resume, and bio, I can't find anything to like about him, anything in his history or personal story that makes him more than another self-made man, who's risen in today's world where being a bit of a crook is a plus -- where being even more than a "bit" crooked, is respected, and highly paid.

A can of Drano has a skull and cross bones on the back. It's a deadly poison. It can kill you.

I'm putting a skull and cross bones on Ailes. What he's doing, selling with all his might and mane, can kill more than what the Republicans have been killing.

Killing? Yes. When you stop growth, destroy hope, bury possible solutions, you are killing what millions and millions of Americans need to survive.

You know the name now. Put him with villains and enemies on your personal XXX list. If you don't have one, make an XXX list now with A for Ailes at the top.


Ameer S. Washington said...

When I think of FOX these days, I immediately think of the shaft that was stuck up Al Gore's ass the first time George W. was elected president. It was their early determination of his win that all the other networks followed when Al Gore had clearly won the vote. Along with the debacle in the state of Florida and we all know he was governor, FOX has been on my proverbial "shit list" ever since. Now we just have a name a face rather than a logo.

And with regard to Obama, the Republican candidates and this country as a whole; FDR is dead, so the likelihood that one man could steer us in the right direction is slim to none. Too many people praised him as the "black hope" so to speak, and were naive enough to think that he'd be the president to destroy the rift between the parties so our government could actually accomplish something worth while for the people who live legally within its borders. At this point, until the political posturing and bickering is eradicated, the ship will continue to slowly sink. Maybe a few good bills will slip through the cracks but that's all. And frankly without any thinking, because that's what the last president did very little of...Obama should get a second term simply for having to follow his 8 year reign in the White House. It has to rank as the worst in this country's history. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Roger Ailes sounds like a loser in the long run. What he does for a living is wrong and gives the wrong impression to the public about whomever he is helping to campaign. ROGER AILES=RED FLAG! Thanks for whistle blowing on this guy Em. I feel more informed now.
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

It's instructive (though painful) to watch FOX news for a while. It's scary to think how many millions of people watch it all the time.

Linda Phillips said...

I have been aware of Ailes and his hateful, dreadful persona for years. He has always been on my most hated list. He runs FOX and FOX is a hate machine, filled with anything BUT the truth. It is the arm of the Republican Party and was used by the Bushies and the Neocons as a way to spread lies and suck in the ill informed.

I recently read, that the average person who only gets their news from FOX, knows less than a person who watches and reads no news at all!