Saturday, January 28, 2012


John Cullum and Emily Frankel delve into the subject -- the importance of knowing what you think, what your instinct is, what you like. And learning to listen to your own voice, even as a director explains his ideas, his concept for the part you're playing.

Em feels finding her voice was essential, a major event for her as a writer. It's something she keeps touting to other artists.

John translates the idea into a practical thing for actors. You need to be you, who you are, and be able to hear what others are thinking and doing, and still, find your way back into being YOU.


Maureen Jacobs said...

I think that when one takes on a role, you really need to become that role. Read over the character, and find the way to mix yourself with the character.

Our inner voice should be answered. Sometimes quietly, sometimes aloud, and sometimes with someone else.

I agree wit both of you with regards to the artists feeling about the cup. Art is purely a reflection of your voice. I see a glass may see it as a

William Thibodeau said...

-------I like Johns voice as expressed in his shirt today--I also like seeing the two of you together--Two become one--Love=Forgive=Peace--

Anonymous said...

Great subject today! Yes, everything you and John had to say about it I agree with. Our inner voices are very important and need to be heard in our work of art whatever it is-acting, writing, etc. Keep being you! kam

Carola said...

That is a wonderful shirt. Did you make it Emily? It certainly looks like your voice. Finding a true voice in writing is extremely hard--it's so easy to fall into a "fake" voice. But I remember that when I used to do art when I was young, I didn't think about having a voice at all, but when I look at the art now, I can see clearly that I had a unique voice.

Ameer S. Washington said...

I agree that it is the most essential component for a writer. And I guess so generally in life. We must blaze our own trails.