Sunday, January 22, 2012


"John Cullum, you are not a dunce!," Em declares, and she proceeds to praise him for fixing broken watches and things like electrical circuits, even though he struggles with navigating on the Internet.

The Cullums blame Fire Fox, Google, and You Tube for constantly updating themselves. Just as John and Em figure out what to do on the Internet, and create a routine --oops -- there's a new way that has to be learned.

Old ways, old things, suddenly new ways and new things discombobulate both Cullums. Emily Frankel's fighting it. John Cullum is just plain pissed off!


Anonymous said...

Bravo to 2 internet duncers! I am also an internet duncer and with the computer. I stil haven't learned all the things my computer can do. I accidently wiped out my facebook and email password 1 day by just hitting the wrong button! Lol! Took all day and a friend's computer to help me get back on. I agree with John that sometimes it seems they purposely make changes to make us feel more duncerer. Thanks for sharing your dunce moments! kam

Linda Phillips said...

I think that the older I get, the more I hate change and I suspect that most people are that way. That said,I take one of two approaches to new things. If its really important then I force myself to learn it. If its not important, I either ignore it totally or learn it as needed and only as needed.

These computer geniuses need to justify their jobs, so they keep changing and upgrading. Microsoft just wants you to throw out every thing you own and buy their latest version. I stick with what I have, until I get a new computer and then very often I am forced to buy some new peripherals. So I try to stay with an operating system as long as I can. I do have Windows 7, which I have been using now for over 2 years and like it very much.

Now, I have 2 broken watches. Can I send them to John for repair? I am willing to pay, if his prices are within reason. ;-)

Judy Schlosser said...

I've been taking a special Omega 3 and notice the brain improvements. It's expensive but comes from pristine New Zealand waters. See and I can suggest a dealer.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Em and John,
I have been using a computer since 1980. I love the fact that programs can update etc. if your toaster had an issue that needed to be fixed, you need. To schlep it in to the shop. I love to use the Internet and have no issues there. That being said, we all have our areas of dunceness... I cannot sing, nor iron, nor wash a window without a streak. I cannot do point, fix a watch, or even act my way out of a paper bag. But I do strive to learn so etching everyday.
By the way, Windows 7 is not that bad. And kudos for learning to use the and light, Maureen

Ameer S. Washington said...

You guys are a joy to watch. Hilariously funny. I've been using computers practically all my life and I have one or two dunce moments. Even though I can troubleshoot almost anything. I hate unnecessary updates for asthetic purposes. I guess it's that whole, people in a room who come up with ideas.