Sunday, February 19, 2012


Em asks John Cullum, "How do men feel, how do you feel, about checking yourself in the mirror?"

She describes a Magic Mirror" invention that one can buy nowadays. It not only reflects how you look, it can give you your daily agenda, the morning news, or a weather report.

Though it sounds as if it might be an interesting sort of wall decoration, ex dancer Em, who has spent hours and hours in front of mirrors, knows how checking oneself in the mirror can become an obsession.

John Cullum describes his mirror routines. He likes the idea of a mirror that could help him figure out what to wear, and remind him of his schedule. And of course, when he's in a show, the mirror is the way he checks out his costume.

The Magic Mirror is definitely not for Em who declares if you've ever, even vaguely, thought or hummed, "darling you are growing old," all mirrors should be studiously avoided.

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