Saturday, February 25, 2012


John and Emily find themselves remembering life on the West Coast when "Northern Exposure" was beginning to be filmed. He was commuting from Malibu where they lived in the sunshine, to a long, skinny, not sunny guest house in Redmond. Washington.

It was a new life -- new friends, new recreations, as well as a lot of shopping to make the skinny house a home.

John arranged a first reading of Em's play, "Shattering Panes," using the Northern Exposure cast -- John Corbett playing the dog, Barry Corbin's wife playing Em's part and Janine Turner playing the cat.

The Cullums chuckle about John's character, "Holling the Bartender," who had a young, blonde, other wife (Cynthia Geary), and the headlines, interviews about Holling's private parts.

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