Sunday, April 29, 2012


What about bargains? John Cullum thinks of himself as a penny-pincher, and since he does the shopping for the Cullum family, of course he's aware of bargains.

Emily reveals that JC Penny has set up a new policy -- the store is cutting its prices, lopping off the "markup." JC Penny has announced that it is selling all merchandise at the "On Sale" price.

John is very impressed.

Is this store really doing this? Well, next time you go shopping, head for a JC Penny's in your area, and check it out, or check it out online. John and Em agree, it would be great if JC Penny's new policy caught on, and other stores did the same thing.


Maria Nascimento Ibrahim said...

Nowadays, with the crisis and unemployment, it is always good to hear they are cutting prices ...

Carola said...

When I go grocery shopping, I stick strictly to my list, no matter what bargains I see. (I bet JC does too; when you have to climb 5 stories, you don't want to carry any impulse items.) If all things are equal, I look for the lowest price. But I also look for quality, and I usually put quality ahead of price on a given item. That doesn't mean I have to buy a brand name--in many items, the generics are as good or better than the name brands.

Anonymous said...

Very cute blog today! Love John's new name-SKATER! Good to know about JC Penny and their new way of selling things. Hope lots of other stores do the same. We have an exact budget we stick to for groceries each month.So, prices and quality are very important to us. Thanks for sharing this info and you both are fun and great to listen to and watch! kam

Linda Phillips said...

I am the original bargain hunter and always have been. When I used to shop in Department Stores, the first place I headed for was Clearance. If I didn't find what I wanted in clearance, then I next checked the sale racks.

These days I do all of my shopping online. I check out items that have been highly rated and then I search for the lowest prices. Not only do I save money (often quite a lot), but I enjoy the "hunt" as well.

Ameer S. Washington said...

That's an awesome thing JC Penny is doing. I've shopped there quite a bit. Finally a community conscious store that actually cares about its consumers. As people get wind of this, I'm sure there foot traffic will increase. Thanks for sharing.

JC is definitely a charmer. Smooth talker. I love how he always turns your criticisms of yourself into a positive. As in you're a confessor and not a complainer. I think he's probably spent few forced nights on the couch.

Unknown said...

Simply, an exceptionally good & fun video of you two kiddios this one is.
* * *
Ima wondering if I should write down JC will do the 'foreverafter shopping' with exception to JC Penney shopping which Em shall accompany him on!
* * *
You need to know here is Wisconsin, we are never 'cheap'. We are Wisconsin frugal! (Big wink).
* * *
Much love to YOU both and your family! I'm your friend @grammakaye on twitter.