Tuesday, May 15, 2012


What about Chelsea Clinton, age 32, Marc Mezvinsky's wife? Where did I get the idea that she trying to get pregnant? From gossipers? Or her age -- the biological clock says have a baby before your 35?

Armed with a degree from Oxford, Chelsea's on the board of the School of American Ballet; also working for IAC, a successful Internet services, media advertising company; also working for MSNBC's "Making a Difference" series.

I watched one of Chelsea's recent videos about children needing a good school. I like her but ... well, she seemed like a very objective, organized young woman, sort of spreading her wings. I also watched a recent video of Chelsea chatting with the articulate intelligent, Sandra fluke, whom Limbaugh called a "slut."

Chelsea, sounding a little like her mom, spoke well, but she doesn't seem very powerful, or passionate. I don't think she's a potential candidate for anything just yet.

What about Jenna Bush? George W.'s and Laura's daughter is quite often in the news. She's 30, married to Henry C. Hager; she's also part of the NBC "Making a Difference" team, as well as a teacher's aide, author, and a correspondent for NBC's "Today" show.

Jenna, currently chairwoman of the United Nations International Children's fund, (UNICEF), recently hosted and outlined the group’s history and mission for a rather large crowd packing a Lower East Side Gallery. She's making UNICEF's fund-raising more accessible to the post-college, fashionable young people, who are using their social networks to educate friends and raise money for worthy causes.

Clearly, Jenna's got her mother's poise and says all the right things like Laura did. But then I saw what I think is the real Jenna on "Today," talking about the costumes that were worn in some famous Broadway musicals. I don't think it's a very exciting subject, and Jenna, enthusiastically dancing, singing, playing various roles was ... well, it was somewhat face-aching, but if the Bush dynasty booms again with Jeb, I'll bet Jenna will be involved.

I feel that Jenna, like Chelsea, is still figuring out who is she and what she wants.

What about Ron Reagan, Jr.? The former ballet dancer, possibly gay son of Nancy and Ronald, has been married since 1980 to clinical psychologist, Doria Palmieri. He's in his fifties, lives in Seattle, and appears now and then on various news shows. On "Larry King Live," discussing whether he'd run for political office, Ron stated "I'm an atheist ... polls all say that, you know, people won't elect an atheist."

I like him whenever I see and hear him on a show. I don't always agree with his opinions, but the way he expresses his opinions teaches me something about saying what you believe in dispassionately, with energy, but no anger or self-righteousness.

I sense that Ron would like to run for some political office -- not now, but if circumstances change, he might give it a try.

What about John McCain's daughter, 27-year-old Meghan? She's got a bachelor's degree from Columbia University. Currently, she's a contributing author for the Daily Beast; She appears on MSNBC and has written and published two books -- in 2008 "My dad, John McCain," in 2010, "Dirty Sexy Politics," in June of this year a new book (co- authored with M. Black) will be published, titled "You Sexy Bitch, A Love Letter to Freedom."

Meghan has said that she's "a woman who despises labels and boxes and stereotypes." She proudly declared that she voted for John Kerry; that she's pro-life, sex education and birth control, and against Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law. She's said that she supports same sex marriage and other gay community causes, and expresses concern for the environment, and declares she loves Punk Rock, loves men, and has a tattoo.

Meghan's got the look, the sound of a public figure, and clearly, with her opinions, and book titles, she's promoting herself as a hot babe. I can't help wondering what her dad thinks of all this, but she seems to be building herself into a potential political something-or-other.

Click the links -- glance at or study these video's. Mull over these famous 'kids' -- times change, the kids themselves are changing, politics is changing. Many other countries have king and queens, and children of former rulers -- presidents, or "almost" presidents -- are serious potential candidates.

Chelsea and Sandra Fluke.

Jenna Bush on the Today show.

Ron Regan on "HARDBALL"

Meghan McCain gets candid, CBS.
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