Thursday, May 17, 2012


Our land-line phones -- great phones we bought in Malibu 15 years ago -- they've got all kinds of buttons, with names and numbers of important friends and services.

BUT -- the names and numbers aren't current. The phone instructions tells us how to erase and insert new data, but the buttons are sticky. I've sprayed them with blow dust-remover stuff (for fixing keyboard keys) but our six Malibu phones continue to have seriously sticky keys.

Our super pots -- great pots that don't need scrubbing.-- didn't for the first 10 years, but now, well, I am a sloppy pot scrubber. My husband, JC, who is a super-thorough pot scrubber, suggests that we need new pots.

Golly, ours are a perfect size, and they've got covers . Bed & Bath pots like ours will cost at least $400 -- ours cost $200 about 20 years ago. Sure, we could use new ones, but gee, we're managing okay with what we've got.

Rugs -- a 24 x 40 braided rug is in our 5th floor bedroom.

When I was pregnant, I bought the rug it to cover my dance studio floor, and converted the 5th floor studio into marvelous living room. A year later, when I went back to dancing, we took over the 4th floor, the one below ours, and turned it into offices and our studio theater. We renovated our upstairs home, so that our son would have his own room -- desk and shelves and all that stuff a boy child needs. That's how the huge braided rug landed in our bedroom.

Well, the rug is in its forties. Whenever it's vacuumed, the braid has to be pushed or stomped down , sometimes sewn, sometimes glued. We need to roll it up and dispose of it but ... . Gee, I love that rug. I'm attached to its memories.

Brown couch -- the velvet sectional couch in the red, orange, and brown room, where we film our videos -- the four pieces look great -- they're fine for short-legged, small folks, but uncomfortable for average-size folks with average-length legs. The couches don't need repairs, however we just don't sit on them.

But gee -- I don't want to shop for new couches. What a chore, getting something that fits and looks as great as the old ones do. It makes more sense to live with what we have.

Other things -- I need new glasses -- eyes are weaker -- I'm making errors even when I enlarge the text my computer screen. And the rest of me -- hair, teeth, skin, hands, knees, and innards. -- I'm okay but I ought to be, watching -- noting any changes in breathing, coughing, itching, and ... oh dear, bathroom habits... oh dear...

No point in listing specifics. I see that fixing what is wearing out has more to do with aspects of me that are wearing out then pots, phones, rugs, couches and ... Oh dear, I forgot -- books!

Our bookshelves are jammed with half-read, boring books, and favorite dear old ones with broken-backs and torn pages. What do you do with old books?

What do you do with your aging, oldering, wearing out self?
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