Sunday, May 13, 2012


Being an exercise maven, Emily Frankel wants her husband, John Cullum, to share with her how he's doing with his daily-exercise routines.

Exercise is NOT something John Cullum enjoys though he has kept himself in reasonably good shape -- he's slender, and capable of just about any physical activity, including dancing.

John describes his routines and of course, Emily kibitzes.

As a loving wife and choreographer, she watches over her husband, inspiring him to do more.


carola said...

John also exercises by climbing 4 flights to your apartment--perhaps more than once a day. P.S. I was exercising while I watched your video. I try to exercise 90 minutes a day.

Anonymous said...

How precious a video is this? I loved you and John discussing his exercise routines. I think you both are in good shape! If you and John would do an exercise video I would buy it and do what John does everyday! John and you make exercising interesting and fun! kam

Peggy Bechko said...

Excellent, guys! Anything that encourages folks to do more exercise is great!

Personally since I sit at a computer all day, I try to exercise throughout the day. Stretches and bends when I get up in the morning, dance at the lunch hour for about a half hour, brisk walk at mid-afternoon (outside if nice, on the treadmill if not) - a ride on my mechanical horse in the evening (when I can cheat as John does by watching a movie as I ride). The horse is great for balance too, John, strengthens the core.

Linda Phillips said...

I so envy you both your determination to stay fit. I am physically limited now, so what you do would be impossible for me.

In my youth I studied dance for a number of years and loved the exercises that went along with it. I danced and exercised all of the time on my own. But it was all dance related. Plain old exercises bored me silly.

I also walked a great deal and danced in my living room in the evening after work for many years.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the clip very much, Em. It momentarily inspired me.

JC's exercises seem to have worked very well for him. He look's to be in great shape.

I usually tell myself that I get enough exercise doing physical work outside. However it's getting hot now, and I'll be spending more and more time at the desk. I'll have to try some of John's routines.