Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The printed Newsweek magazine is gone.

It's now published digitally each week but I think it was going-going-gone for me when it became the Newsweek Beast. (Was it a "beast" -- an always hungry, lower form of animal, that was sniffing, tasting, devouring whatever was around?)

I signed up for Beast updates. Twice-a- day in my e-mail appeared chewed-on bones, leftovers from what the magazine had lunched on.

Oh, it kept me aware of what was happening in the world, but it was selective, and Newsweek's taste, Newsweek's politics, and the head gal who ran the magazine were imposing their ideas on me.

Of course, what I read here and there in various magazines and newspapers inspire me to Google around and learn more. And yes, Newsweek Beast and the updates were valuable. But I still miss US. News & World Report that disappeared from my mailbox a couple of years ago. Okay, Time Magazine still arrives every week ... but ... well, it's getting thinner, and often the news seems unrealistically prejudiced -- often the guys who are running Time offend me with their almost righteous pronouncements.

I'm thinking of subscribing to The Week Magazine. The head guy's point of view seems a sort of swashbuckling nasty, but he's young, more open-minded. What's nice about The Week is its box of candy style -- little tastes of everything -- pictures of real estate you can buy, photos of food that's on dining tables today, thumbnails and words about trends -- what columnists are saying, job news, world news, TV news, tasty tidbits of world gossip. The magazine is about 50 pages, not crammed with ads -- (that's a selling point for me). The Week is an appetizer.

It's up to me to add garlic, salt, hot pepper, or whatever wakes up my appetite for more.

Hey, more, and just a bit more becomes a post -- like this one for you to chew on.

Bye-bye Newsweek. Once or twice they ran pictures of John Cullum and me as an up-and-coming couple.

And golly, I'll never forget some of their cover stories -- like these two covers that came out sometime in the seventies -- stories on the up-and-coming Bette Midler and Steve Martin.

Time marches on -- internetting is okay, but I'll miss holding Newsweek in my hands. 
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