Thursday, March 21, 2013


This face ... You have to love her.

Nothing is exaggerated, actressy unreal.

Has she ever done a film where she didn't give of herself, dig into all the places of herself as woman?

And Sally Field has words -- she can explain how she feels -- she does -- she did and embarrassed the Hollywood hierarchy where modesty and humbleness is what you present when you're in front of your peers -- that's a time when you have to pretend that you're just being yourself.

There was a time when a producer friend of mine was selling my novel, "Somebody, Woman of the Century," to a network that was making mini series.

"Who's the leading lady?" That's was the do or die question.

In my novel, my leading lady was born the first day of the new century and lived till 1999. I thought of Sally Field, or Goldie Hawn, or Diane Keaton/Annie Hall.

It was Sally. She was my first choice -- little girl Sally, grown up Sally -- bravely wicked, sensual, tender, innocent, honest, willing to sacrifice herself for what she believed in. A combination of impressions from various films -- girl-woman -- woman protecting her child, woman loving her man, down-to earth woman, compelled by her conscience, to change the status of women.

We have a collection of Katharine Hepburn women -- so many aspects of femininity that have become what we say/do/pretend/play. We have our Goldie Hawn selves -- nervy, unpredictable, brave, fearful and fearless -- we can make fun of ourselves ala Goldie. We are Diane Keaton/ Annie Hall -- holding onto our beliefs while evolving, learning, loving and demanding more reality.

From these actresses, who were more, much more than wonderful looking, are what many women (like me) envied, emulated, and tried to be.

Oh, there are others -- I'm sure you have images and goddesses, who have given you a vision of what you have tried to do and be.

I don't need to list Sally Field's films, awards, nominations.

What is it about Sally Field that wins the race in my mind?

Averageness. She expresses. She is compelled by something within her to be and say and do what she feels. Sally Field seems to be what I am, and understand how I would feel if I were she.

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