Saturday, March 23, 2013


Though Emily Frankel doesn't have a subject planned, John Cullum and Emily, spur of the moment, describe what's involved when they're making videos for Em's Talkery.

Aside from Em picking a topic, they convert their upstairs living room into the recording area, covering windows, rearranging furniture; lights, disconnecting phones, intercoms, buzzers, and positioning their Mac computer, so that its camera and software (iMovies), can create their videos.

Though John teases Em for preparing everything extra early, we see how the Cullums click -- clearly they love working together.


slicker said...

You both do a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing them each weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Cute and clever video Em! I enjoyed hearing the behind scenes to makin an Em and JC video. There is alot of thought and work going into these projects and you both enhance each other so well....they always turn out great. Thanks for sharing. kam

Anonymous said...

Em and John, you two are awesome together, you all make my day. I love your kindness toward each other. I love your decorations and how you changed things in the background. I took notice to that from the first time I watched your video's. John giving you that kiss was sweet.

Carola said...

I found this video very interesting, because I have been watching your videos for so long, and I always wondered what you went through to do them. Actually, you left a couple of my questions unanswered: how do you pick out the clothes you're going to wear? Do you wear any special makeup?

Mary Russell said...

This was a lot of fun - the way you both work together to create your "studio" each week. Maybe it's time to create a dedicated space so it's less work. For the record, I love your colour scheme - it's both homely and decorative. :)

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